Our Team

Who is VirtualCC

VirtualCC has established both a Board and an advisory Committee. 

The founding Board comprised Tim Buzza, Sean Chamberlin and Paul Mizzi.

As of 2021, Greg Halse has joined the board and Tim has moved to the Advisory Committee.  In May 2021, Vincent Kennedy has also joined the board.  Vincent is the CEO of a wholesale Telecommunications company and was involved in the early discussion that led to the creation of Virtual Contract Centre Limited.
All have extensive business experience in Telecommunications, Contact Centres, Human Resources and Information Technology.

Paul Mizzi is a former Non-Executive Director of a Public Company Limited by Shares whilst Sean Chamberlin is a current member of the NFP Board of Human Rights Arts & Film Festival and has published a paper on Governance Best Practices in Not-for-Profits.

As per the Virtual Contact Centre Limited constitution, an Annual General Meeting was held on 16th June 2022 whereupon Vincent Kennedy indicated prior to the meeting the desire to relinquish Directorship. As recorded in the minutes of the AGM, the current directors are Sean Chamberlin, Greg Halse and Paul Mizzi.